Get your vehicle covered by the ultimate in extended vehicle service protection before its too late.

Sometimes called an “aftermarket car warranty” or “vehicle service contract,” a vehicle service contract kicks in after your initial warranty has expired and is intended to offset the costs of expensive repairs after your vehicle’s standard manufacturer’s warranty expires. You can buy a vehicle service contract at any time, even after your original manufacturer’s warranty has expired, either through your car’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM), like BMW or Ford, or through a third-party provider. The best extended vehicle service contracts offer multiple protection plans with low deductibles, 24/7 roadside assistance, complimentary towing, plus rental car, meal and lodging reimbursement if your car leaves you stranded far from home.


Radiator, radiator fan blade and motor, fan clutch, water pump, Seals and gaskets


Non – ABS master cylinder, power booster, calipers, wheel cylinders; proportioning valve, backing plates, springs, clips and retainers, self-adjusters, parking brake linkage and cables, Seals and gaskets

Drive axle

Housing(s) and cover if damage by internally lubricated parts. All internally lubricated parts including: axle shafts, universal joints and yokes, constant velocity shaft or joint or both, drive shaft center bearings, supports, propeller shafts, locking hub mechanisms.

Gasoline/diesel engine

Cylinder block, cylinder head(s) if damage by internally lubricated parts. All internally lubricated parts including: pistons, piston rings and pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and bearings, pushrods, rocker arms, valves, valve springs, seats and guides, lifters, followers, oil pump, timing chain, timing gear. Valve covers, timing cover, and oil pan if damaged by internally lubricated parts; vacuum pump, seals and gaskets


All internally lubricated parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator. Transmission case, transfer case, transmission pan if damage by internally lubricated parts. Does not include the following manual transmission components: Clutch Friction, Clutch disc and pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, manual and hydraulic linkages


Steering box and rack and pinion unit and all their internal lubricated parts including: power steering pump and cylinder, main and intermediate steering shafts and couplings; pitman arm, idler arm, tie rod ends and drag link, seals and gaskets

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